About BOBT Maps!

Bobt makes 5 different maps (Windows PC, Mac PC, Garmin GPS, Android Apps BCN and Orux) he has added Spearhead Jawbone & Jewel Valley and the northern extension to Coal Canyon. Also added the new HM Twin Falls Trailhead (HMPC-28), he rode it over Xmas, 90% of the trail was already on his map. Also added a few tracks from his private map. Deleted a few of the Mingo County trails that are not passable. He has special software that allows him to overlay his tracks over various satellite imagery (Bing, Esri World, Esri Clarity, Mapbox, Open Cycle, USGS, Digital Globe, Virginia Imagery Service, etc) he can move individual or multiple track points and add track points. This allows his maps to be very accurate. He has ran 95% of the tracks on all his maps through this process. He has manually moved over 200,000 track points. In the past he told people they could sell tablets with his maps, that has gotten out of hand (company in Maine is now selling them). SXS Overland is now hosting his maps in an organized way, with Bobt permission, FREE of charge. Bobt himself has simplified the instructions and has individual instructions for each map format. When you go to the link select which map you want. There will be instructions for that map in the list, download it and read it if you are not familiar with how to install his maps.

This map or any of its tracks may not be sold, crowd sourced, sold as part of a collection, etc. It may only be distributed for free. I put too much work into it. By continuing and downloading these maps you are agreeing to this!

BEWARE, check out the areas before leaving for your trip.  Mines, washouts, and various other activity may be in the area that would be hazardous and should be avoid.  You use the maps at your own discretion.

When you see him on the Trails….  Thank him, for his contribution to the SXS community and SXS Overland Project, aimed at keeping riders informed about stays and travels in regards to the SXS Sport free of charge to the riders.

Continue to SXSOVERLAND.COM for the most up to date information on BOBT maps!

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